"Building an optimally effective health care physical environment can be a great catalyst to fully allign and transform an organization's culture."

- Blair L. Sadler





August 24, 2008


Recent Presentations
  • The Compelling Business case for Building Better Hospitals, The Quality Colloquium, Harvard University, August 2008.
  • The Value Proposition CEOs Perspective,: A American Institute of Architects, Summer Leadership Conference, Chicago, Ill., July 2008.
  • How Innovative Arts Programs Add Value to Health Care Organizations, Symposium on the Value and Importance of Art in Health Care, Vanderbilt University and MOMA, New York, NY, March 2008.
  • Launching the Global Health and Safety Initiative, Lead Facilitator, Oakland, CA, October 2007.
  • Designing Hospitals For Safe and Economical Practice, The Quality Colloquium, Harvard University, August 2007.
  • The Role of the Arts in the Healthcare Quality Revolution, The Blair L. Sadler International Healing Arts Awards winners, Bergen, Norway, June 2007.
  • How Evidence-Based Environmental Design Can Improve Safety/Quality While Actually Lowering Costs, IHI Impact Leadership Conference, Los Angeles, CA, May 2007.
  • The Business Case for Quality: Lessons from the Wild West, IHI Annual Forum, Orlando, Florida, December 2002
  • The Business Case for Quality: An Agenda for the Future, Commonwealth Fund Board of Trustees, April 2002
  • The Healing Arts: A Key to 21st Century Healthcare, Plenary presentation, Society for Arts in Healthcare, Gainesville, Florida, April 2002
  • Transforming a Hospital’s Culture to Enthusiastically Embrace Relentless, Measurable Quality Improvement: A Case Study in Pursuing, IHI European Forum, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2002